2018 vs. 2019: what's changed?

After three years of growth, with 2017 a record year, the Italian real estate market slowed significantly last year. However, we are moderately optimistic about the prospects for 2019, well aware of a very clear concept: Italian real estate is far below its potential in terms of its link to the real economy to the extent that, without all the constraints imposed by bureaucracy and with more adequate financial instruments, the market could be up to three times greater than it is at present.

Italy in pole position to ride the wave of innovation

Digitalization will revolutionize the dynamics of three key sectors of real estate: logistics, shopping malls and offices. And our country is ready to attract foreign investor interest and capital.

2017 out of recession but still with a year of surprise ahead

‚ÄčThe Italian economy is slowly continuing to recover but is still lagging behind other European countries.

Strong investor interest in the hotel sector

In 2016 the total volume of investment in the Italian hotel sector was over €1 billion. Investment activity in this sector is therefore back to pre-crisis levels, with a preference for prime markets and the upper segment although interest in secondary markets is beginning to grow.

Italy, 2017 will be a record year 

In 2016 the Italian real estate market reached 9 billion and could this year exceed 10 billion, outperforming the year 2007. Higher results too for CBRE, who is prioritising innovation and client centrality. 

Managing people as well as properties

For the manager the mantra of General Electric is clear: moving from managing buildings to managing people, a change of mentality and perspective that places the human element at the centre of the system. And in this process CBRE, he observes, is giving us a lot of support.

Client Care at the centre of the solar system

CBRE has completely changed the traditional approach: clients with their needs come first, then the product and not vice versa.

Property needs innovation to increase its value

The recent crisis has taught investors that they must manage their assets otherwise they risk depreciating. 

The real turning point? Only when 10 billion is reached 

In 2016 the Italian real estate market held up well, but to change gear it must break through this threshold.  

Innovation and consulting, the double challenge for the future

Creative ability and fresh ideas are needed to provide consulting solutions with high value added that are also effective and efficient for clients.